Private Firearms Training &
Range Time
$120.00 for first Two hours (1- 2
Shooters) $30/hour after and for future
2hrs is the minimum for first session at BTR
You may use our weapons free of charge.
Two Shooters may split the $120.00 cost
Private Range Time is only available
Monday - Friday 9am-9pm
hour session. $30/hour after 2 hours and $30/hr for
future sessions. Minimum 2 hours.
You must supply your own ammunition. You may
use reloads.

Click Here to see available guns to shoot.

Our range is not open to the public. When you rent
the range, you get private instruction and coaching
with Capt Ron and the use of the whole range.
This includes:
  • Stress-Fire Self-defense training
  • Live fire on human moving target with specialized training
  • Large indoor outdoor heated / air-conditioned shooting
  • Ability to rapid fire
  • Use of Glocks with .22 cal conversion kits
  • Use of personal full-auto firearms
  • Ability to shoot and move, utilize cover, drawing from
  • Competitive shooting
  • Timed Shooting
  • Low Light shooting / use of flashlight
  • Use of barricades
  • Shooting from vehicle
  • Explosive Targets
  • and ANYTHING else we can do safely!

-Capt Ron
Darkness on our indoor/ outdoor range.
  • We have light dimming capabilities
    for low-light no-light shooting.
6001 Jeff Ates Road  Milton, FL 32583
Tel. (850) 266-2325
business. Regardless of your level of skill, you will get every penny's worth in training...guaranteed!