In the eight years I had spent in the Navy, I have had the opportunity to work and train with all branches
of the armed services, including the Navy Seals, Green Berets, Marine Recon, and USAF Para
Rescue forces.  I can with absolute confidence declare that there is no military  firearms training given
to any military member, Special Forces or otherwise that will properly prepare a service member for
carrying a concealed weapon in the civilian public.

Carrying a concealed firearm in the civilian public is a whole different ball game.   There are laws that
the police and attorneys can't even answer questions about.
The State of Florida currently accepts any Concealed Carry Weapons Application from any person
who currently serves or has served in the US military without proof of any firearms training whatsoever.  
The State wrongly and grossly assumes that every military member receives or has received
adequate firearms training for carry a concealed weapon in public. Just as crazy, the state also
accepts a Florida Hunter's Safety Course certificate as sufficient training to carry a concealed

I have had both military training and the FWC's hunter safety course and absolutely nothing was
covered regarding Florida State laws regarding self-defense firearm techniques, justifiable homicide,
your rights after a shooting, or anything else that could land you in jail for ten years to life. Even the
training for simple firearm safety was utterly inadequate for anybody other than a supervised six year
old with a bb-gun.

Civilian juries typically do not respond favorably upon military trained individuals using guns in cases of
self-defense.  We're still "baby-killers", militant right-wing vigilantes, or shell-shocked vets as claimed
by our own Secretary of Homeland Security,
Janet Napolitano. We are not thought of as normal
everyday armed citizens simply trying to protect ourselves and our families.

Florida law states: Military are not required to take this course for a concealed carry license, but
showing a jury  that you are a responsible person and actually received training that was not required
by law is an excellent point in your defense to show you are a responsible individual.  The prosecutor
will paint you as a Gung-Ho trained military combat killer or a vigilante regardless of how far from the
truth that may actually be.  Once you are shown to be irresponsible based on lack of training you
deemed needed, it will be easy to convince the jury you were negligent as well.
After a self-defense shooting you are going to be asked many questions by the police and perhaps
eventually a state prosecutor with a jury behind him.  Everybody will want to know where you received
your firearms training and the extent of that training  Why did you do what you did?  Why did you react
in that way?

Am I using scare tactics to encourage you to spend your money with me?
Damn right I am and you should be scared.  

As an instructor, it's my responsibility to keep learning so that I can make you better prepared to fight,
whether you're up against a mugger or a liberal gun hating jury of your peers.

Think of this class as the best insurance policy you can buy for you and your family.
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