away from possible death from some attacker or terrorist?  You still need this
NRA courses are great for children learning the fundementals of safe shooting
NRA or any other national organization that prepares you to make the legal
and ethical decision to take another human being's life with a firearm in self
defense...why? it's called liability and lack of training techniques.

You can't truly "train" at public gun ranges...why?... liability and safety. You
out! No rapid firing, no drawing from the holster, no moving and shooting, no
movign targets all training.  At BTR, we don't teach gun safety as a
class or a course. Gun safety is automatically built into all our training
techniques, methods, drills, and exercises as it should be. Safety is an integral
part of a greater goal. Want to learn "gun safety" a YouTube video and
save your money and spend it on ammo when you can finally train realistically.
We teach you how to shoot as fast as possible one handed at multiple targets
while making shoot-don't-shoot decisions in a blink of an eye...and we teach
you how to do it as safely as possible under the circumstances and scenarios
during training.

You think you can't miss a bad guy at six feet or shoot a good "by accident"? If
you think're respectfully and dangerously ignorant and you never
learned proper firearms training. Sure, you may be safe with a gun, but that
doesn't mean you can keep yourself or your family safe with a gun under a
stress-fire encounter. Do I sound like a know it all egomaniac gun guy? I don't
know much about many things, but what I do know about from personal
experience is we
all need scenario based realistic firearms training and BTR is
the only facility that offers that and it's guaranteed.
Blackwater Tactical Range
6001 Jeff Ates Road  Milton, FL 32583
Tel. (850) 266-2325
classes? Getting what you paid for, getting value...what
is the value of your life? Don't go cheap on your weapon
Every penny you spend at BTR has a satisfaction
guarantee. Whether its a CCW class or Private Training,
your value is guaranteed.